One of the great things about going to VW events is the meeting up with people, whether it be regular friends, people you only see once in a while, or introducing yourselves to someone new.

Camper Mart will be the first event of the season, so what better way of getting together to discuss your bus and what the year ahead holds for your VW adventures.

There will also be chance to chat, meet and even join one of the many VW clubs that will be present at Camper Mart and if you would like your Club to have a presence at this event please get in touch with Wendy on 01244 886 002 or email and she will supply you with more information.

There will be a food and beverage area where you will be able to re-fuel and chat about the day's much needed purchases for that planned restoration project.

If you would like your club represented at Camper Mart please see here.